Q: Do we recognize the Bible is from God just because it says so?


A: Yes, however there is more. The Bible unmistakably declares itself to be from God. What the Lord says is enough validation for someone to understand and trust. God cannot lie. His Word reflects who He is. The Bible takes on His characteristics since it is His Word. Do you remember the saying: “A man is only as good as his word”? Since God is all knowing and cannot lie, the Bible must be entirely accurate on all its pages. Other evidences also point to the Divine source of this Book. God used human authors to pen His Word. Nearly forty men wrote its individual books spanning about 1,600 years. Nevertheless, the Bible is one book and not a collection of many unrelated writings. This correlation is remarkable since these authors came from very diverse walks of life. For instance, Moses was an Egyptian-trained statesman who turned sheepherder and prophet. David, a shepherd boy, became a king. Luke was a physician. Paul, a scholarly Jew, became an Apostle and tentmaker. Peter was a commercial fisherman. These men lived in different lands such as Egypt, Israel, and Greece. Their cultures varied from nomadic to city life. The amazing feature is that all of the books within the Bible agree with one another. Can you imagine getting this many men from such varied cultures, languages, customs, and over such a lengthy time, to concur? The way all of the human authors could harmonize is because of a supernatural God superintending the writing of His Word. Other peculiarities point to the Bible originating from God. It continues to be the most printed book on planet earth. It has been translated into more languages than any other book in the world. Most certainly we recognize the Bible as God's Word because it states that it is. As one can see however, the Bible takes on attributes not true of any other book. The Bible is the only book on earth God has ever written.  James Utter


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