Q: Is the Gospel of Judas a missing book from the Bible?


A: No. The Gospel of Judas has nothing to do with the Bible. This false letter came well after the Bible was written. The last book of the Bible, Revelation, was written around 96 AD. The Gospel of Judas did not come about until almost 100 years after that. This “gospel” is hyped as a great “biblical” find. Yet there is nothing Biblical about it. The Gospel of Judas was known to the early Christians. It was considered a heretical letter from the Gnostics. The Gnostics were the rumor spreaders of their day always looking for some hidden or secret knowledge (but not actually true). They created many false writings which were mere fiction. No one of any reputation has believed the Gospel of Judas to be true. It was rejected as rubbish many centuries ago. Its existence was known but nobody had a copy. The letter was discovered in Egypt in the 1970's. This letter supposedly concerning Judas was never accepted as valid. The author is unknown. The content of the letter does not fit with the message of the Bible. The Gospel of Judas was understood not to be the inspired words of God. It was clearly rejected as pseudepigrapha, a false writing. It again should be rejected today for the same reasons. There were many books of this poor caliber, never making its impression on the people of faith. It simply does not pass the test as being from God. We now live in an age when too many people do not know their Bible, the history of things, or how to spot an impostor when one arises. The Gospel of Judas is like throwing a drawing of fantasy into the garbage. Then after several hundred years someone finds the drawing and thinks it is about something real and significant. The Gospel of Judas is not Scripture and has never been considered to be a book of the Bible. It does not deserve much concern. Instead, let's be greatly concerned with getting to know the Lord by reading the Bible which He has given us.  James Utter  


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