Nowadays there are numerous sources for answers. With the click of a mouse you can get just about any perspective on what ever issue you want. How about getting the Bible's perspective? What does the Bible say on a particular question, subject, or topic? In this column you will get just that, the Bible's answers to your questions. We will take your question, research the facts, then provide you the Bible's solution on that topic. Appropriate questions from within the pages of Scripture may be inquired about. Some categories may be the Old Testament, the New Testament, the nation Israel, or perhaps a certain passage. Some Bible-related questions such as ones concerning the Middle East, Church history, archaeology, and such will be explained as well. Asking questions is like spotting a deer. When you see one, there are often five or ten more hiding in the woods. The questions you have are often the Frequently Asked Questions on everybody's mind anyway. So go ahead and ask. Sometimes rare treasures are unearthed in the process of discovering what really in in the Good Book. To ask a question simply e-mail the address below. Your answer will appear in this column as appropriate and as time permits. The plain, normal meaning of the Bible will be presented. Of course we will account for and clarify the figure of speech when it arises. Ours is a day when stability is difficult to find. These are days too often when jobs come and go, and words are cheap. Yet, time certifies there is one book we can trust. The Bible marches on as that secure haven which is trustworthy and true. Real questions get real answers. If it's answers you want, then you want to ask. For your question e-mail:     James Utter


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