D i d j a g i t ?

    Have you ever wondered how you can hand out gospel tracts and actually have people want them? Didjagit is used to successfully hand out gospel tracts. The Lord uses Didjagit just as he uses other things. Prayer is key to handing out gospel tracts. Pray the Lord will use you as you represent the Lord Jesus Christ in sharing the Good News. Pray before you go tract distributing. Pray while you are handing out the tracts. Pray for each person after you are through handing them out. Pray for each one by name if that is possible. Look directly at the person to whom you desire to give a gospel tract. Dress clean and neat so as not to bring any dishonor upon our Lord. Make sure you smile as you present him with the gospel of eternal life in Christ. As you are prepared in body and spirit, you are now ready to use Didjagit. Find a place where there is people, such as a busy sidewalk on a street corner. As a person walks by, hand out the gospel tract to his hand and ask Didjagit one? Didjagit (Did you get) is easy to use. You can use it with several other phrases such as: Didjagit one? Didjagit one yet? Didjagit one of these? If a person is asked “Do you want one?” he may likely say “No”. But using Didjagit with a smile works most of the time. On a busy sidewalk with moving pedestrian traffic, people will often hold out their hands to you. You may run out of gospel tracts, so be prepared and take an ample amount. If you are representing the Lord Christ in a humble and loving way, some will even come back and want an extra. Some will even say thanks or thank you. Not everyone will want a gospel tract and some may seem unpleasant. Praise the Lord for those who do and continue to give the tracts out with joy to those willing to receive them. Didjagit works for one to one situations as well. Remember to pray, smile, and say Didjagit. The Lord will work with those who are willing to be used of Him. After all, Christ crucified for sinners and risen again is His Gospel Message which He has for a needy world.

Didjagit it?

And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written,

How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace,

and bring glad tidings of good things!

Romans 10:15

James Utter 12/2010


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