How to be Saved

Some men say: “I wish I knew how to be saved.” Just take God at His word, and trust His Son this very day – this very hour – this very moment. He will save you if you will trust Him. I imagine I hear some one saying: “I do not feel the bite as much as I wish I did. I know I am a sinner, and all that; but I do not feel the bite enough.” How much does God want you to feel it?

When I was in Belfast I knew a doctor who had a friend, a leading surgeon there and he told me that the surgeon’s custom was, before performing any operation, to say to the patient, “Take a good look at the wound, and then fix your eyes on me; and do not take them off till I get through.” I thought at the time that was a good illustration. Sinner, take a good look at your wound; and then fix your eyes on Christ, and do not take them off. It is better to look at the Remedy than at the wound. See what a poor wretched sinner you are; and then look at the Lamb of God who “taketh away the sin of the world.” He died for the ungodly and the sinner. Say, “I will take Him!” And may God help you to lift your eye to the Man on Calvary. And as the Israelites looked upon the serpent and were healed, so may you look and live.

The Way to God, D. L. Moody