Some Differences Between Israel and the Church



About 80% of Bible references Israel

About 20% of Bible references the Church

A Nation

A Body

Began with Abraham

Began with Baptism of the Spirit

Consists of Jews only

Consists of Jews & Gentiles

Head is Abraham

Head is Christ

Must be related to Jacob

Not necessary to be related to Jacob

God made five covenants with Israel

The Lord made no covenants with the Church

Promised Land

No Land promised

Has a special position on Earth

Has a special position in Christ

The nation is a witness

Is a witness among the nations

The nation is centered in Jerusalem

The church began in Jerusalem

Looking for the King at the 2nd Advent

Looking for the Bridegroom at the Rapture

The temple is in Jerusalem

The temple is in every believer

Partakes in all of Daniel's 70 weeks

Partakes in none of Daniel's 70 weeks

Male children circumcised

Circumcision not required

Required to keep the Sabbath Day

Not commanded to keep the Sabbath Day

Required to keep the Law of Moses (now canceled)

Required to keep the law of Christ

Referred to as the wife of Jehovah

Referred to as the bride of Christ

Membership determined by physical birth

Membership determined by spiritual birth

In dispensations: Promise, Law, Grace, Kingdom

In dispensations of Grace & Kingdom

On Earth during the Tribulation

In Heaven during the Tribulation


James Utter 11/2013


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