Key Reasons Why We Should Use the King James Bible

TEXT The KJV uses the actual Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts which the Lord has preserved. (Masoretic Hebrew/ Received Greek) The KJV uses the best Hebrew and Greek texts as did the ancients.

TIME The Jewish people have used the preserved Hebrew text for about 3,500 years. The Church has used the preserved Greek text for over 2,000 years. Time is on the side of the traditional texts. God's people have used the same texts since they were first written, and still use them today. Other versions stray far away from this wisdom.

TRANSLATION The KJV is far better when compared to any other translation. It holds the high ground and is the standard by which all other English translations are compared. It is a literal translation using choice words. It retains certain singular and plural pronouns which the others simply ignore, making it more accurate. Using fewer syllables, it is more gentle for the young or new reader.

TREASURE The KJV is known throughout its history and around the world. Using choice phrases it has made an impact upon English speaking people in which no other translation comes close. It's poetic cadence warms the heart as no other book can. This version fueled many great missionary movements and the men who led them.

TEST The KJB causes a great reverence for God and his word in homes, churches, schools, mission organizations, and even at times the culture. Other versions have lead to a casualness and carelessness in worship, a lack of true reverence for God, worldly music, and a confused people looking to the world for answers.


The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.

Psalms 119:130


James Utter  9/2012


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