Patrick - Missionary to Ireland

The personality behind St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated. Many do not realize the great Christian heritage

Patrick of Ireland left for us.  Consider these facts as you commemorate this special day.


Britain had a number of Christians in the 300's AD.

Patrick was born around 389 AD.

Patrick was kidnapped when he was sixteen.

He was sold into slavery and sent to Ireland.

He escaped back to Britain after six years of captivity.

Now free, he had a dream the Irish wanted him back for holy service.

Patrick was appointed a bishop (pastor) and an apostle (missionary) to the Irish people.

This British missionary arrived in Ireland in 432.

Patrick ministered to the Irish whose lives were full of superstition and magic.

Druid priests opposed Patrick and opposed Christianity in Ireland.

In Ireland he established a simple church system.

Patrick died around 461 and is buried in Northern Ireland.


Think about:  Do I want the Lord to use me as He desires to?


James Utter  3/2012


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