Gospel Tract Placement


Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15

Leave gospel tracts in:

Give gospel tracts to:

restaurants with a nice tip

folks at sporting events, and tailgating parties

dentists' /doctors' offices, hospital waiting areas

people going to/from parades

hotel and motel rooms, cabins

visitors at church and other meetings

seat on a bus, subway, train, ferry, or airplane

those waiting for Fourth of July fireworks

restrooms, barber shop, hair salon

tourists on tour buses

gas stations and truck stops

children and grandchildren

with your bills when you promptly pay them

new neighbors with a welcome gift

with Christmas and birthday cards

co-workers at the workplace

campgrounds, the park, and at outdoor events

shoppers at yard sales and garage sales

the bag with candy for “Tract and Treat”

nurses, doctors, waiters, and taxi drivers

elevators, in bags on doorknobs

others at the golf course

shopping malls, empty shopping carts

waitresses and flight attendants

classrooms and libraries

cashiers and retail workers

thank you or thinking of you cards

classmates and face book friends

coffee shops and donut shops

out of town guests and foreign visitors

under windshield wipers

carpooling friends

nursing homes, veterans' homes

children's friends

at rodeos, stock shows, fairs

funeral home workers

time share condominiums

drive-thru workers

historical places of interest

political leaders

places you think of

people you think of