Bible Institute

Plan of Study


Bible Institute

Bachelor of Theology Diploma Th.B. 120 credits


Year One (30 credits)

First Semester

How to Study and Interpret the Bible (5)

The Life of Christ (5)

Old Testament Survey (5)


Second Semester

The Holy Bible (5)

Basic Systematic Theology I (5)

Practical Ministry Evangelism (5)


Year Two (30 credits)

First Semester

The Christian Walk (5)

New Testament Survey (5)

Basic Systematic Theology II (5)


Second Semester

Biblical Roles in Marriage and Family (5)

Basic Systematic Theology III (5)

Practical Christian Ministry Children & Youth (5)


Year Three (30 credits)

First Semester

Bible Prophecy Overview (5)

Church History I (5)

Practical Christian Ministry Music (5)


Second Semester

Genesis (5)

Church History II (5)

The Local Church & Missions (5)


Year Four (30 credits)

First Semester

Greek I (5)

Romans (5)

Contemporary Christian Issues (5)


Second Semester

Greek II (5)

Daniel & Revelation (5)

Practical Christian Ministry Teaching (public speaking) (5)


Non pastoral students may substitute individual Bible book studies for Greek I & II

Music practical ministry may be substituted for individual field of interest.


Pastoral Track Includes (125 total credits)

Personal Doctrinal Statement (1)

Pulpit Exegesis (2)

Oral Board - 500 Questions (2)


Courses are subject to change.


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