Why Christians Should Avoid Psychology



The Final Authority For Our Doctrine

A Competing Power Over Your Life

The Final Authority For Our Behavior

A Substitute For How We Should Live

We Live Every Day by Faith in God

You Should Trust Instead In Man's Theories

Has Been Used For Thousands of Years

New Theory

Our Daily Blessings Come From The Living God

Benefits Not Enjoyed Due To Reliance On Theorists

Earnest Prayer Is An Important Part Of Life

Contemplative Prayer May Be Used

God's Glory Is Most Important

My Fulfillment & Happiness Are What Matter

We Can Do Well At The Believer's Judgment

Loss Of Rewards At Judgment Seat Of Christ

Fits Any Budget


On Solid Spiritual Ground

Spiritism & Mysticism Integrated With Theories

Biblical Worldview

Fallen Man's Empty Worldview

The Truth

A Lie

Jesus Christ

Freud, Jung, Maslow

We Have Good News To Give

Hides The Gospel From The Lost

Definitive Source Concerning The Soul

Incorrect Theories About The Soul

Science Does Not Contradict The Bible

A Science Falsely So Called

The Bible Is Valuable & Cherished

The Bible Is Despised & Doubted

Growing In Grace & Knowledge Of Christ

Stunts Christian Growth

Fruit, More Fruit & Much Fruit Produced

Shriveled, Dry, Dead Fruit

Mature Christian Men & Women

Immature & Childish Christians

Productively Contributes To Society

Encourages To Become A Burden To Others

Bedrock Principles For A Free People

Individual Liberties Taken Away

Holy Bible .. Holy Spirit .. Holy Living

Lack Of Separation From Worldly Living

Stay Away From Psychology for Peace of Mind!

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Ephesians 5:11

This is a study of psychology and counseling from the Bible's perspective.

It is not advice for your counseling decisions.


James Utter 2021


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