(To the tune of “Blessed Assurance”)


Buried with Christ and raised with Him too:

What is there left for me now to do?

Simply to cease from struggling and strife,

Simply to walk in newness of life.


Risen with Christ my glorious Head,

Holiness now is the path that I tread.

Beautiful thought while walking therein,

He that is dead is freed from all sin.


Living with Christ, who dieth no more,

Following Christ who goes on before;

I am from bondage utterly freed,

Reckoning self as now dead indeed.


Living with Christ, my members I yield,

Servants to God, forever are sealed,

Not under law I'm now under grace,

Sin is dethroned and Christ takes its place.


CHORUS: Walking, I'm walking in newness of life,

Free from the struggle, free from the strife.

Trusting and resting, counting it done,

Dwelling, I know the battle is won!


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