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A Useful Chart Contrasting the KJV with Other Translations



King James Bible


Other Translations

 Translated using the traditional texts: the Masoretic Hebrew text and the Greek Received text.

   Made using a selected critical or eclectic text not found in actual complete documents.

Finished when the English language was at its prime.  The best words available were used in this translation.

Started when English had deteriorated.  Second-rate words used since the best ones were already taken.

Worked on when men lived and thought in the Bible languages. Latin, Greek, & Hebrew were learned early.

Made when language standards are lowered and learned later in life; necessarily reliant upon computers.

 Makes wise use of the common text used in the Greek-speaking world (Byzantine), the best manuscripts.

  Egyptian text (Alexandrian) predominantly used, unfortunately coming from non Greek-speaking area.

Most of the world's known Greek manuscripts agree with the Received Text used in the KJV.

   The critical text very often is disagreeable with the majority of all known Greek manuscripts.

The preserved texts used were carefully handed down and gratefully received by God-fearing believers.

These incorporate a text not used until about 1900,  which the Church did without since its inception.

      Most of the Christians throughout the centuries have used the text which the KJV uses.

This Greek text was not recognized or used until a select few compiled it very late in Church history.

The traditional text & corresponding translations have always been humbly accepted by common people .

So-called scholars fabricated a text which was rejected by conservative people of faith at its first release.

The KJV has been and still is eagerly accepted by believers throughout the entire world.

  Those most familiar with the Bible in knowledge and in practice rejected the different text & versions.

The KJV is doctrinally stronger buttressing common and historic key doctrines of the Christian faith.

There are significant doctrinal differences downplaying Bibliology, the Trinity, & the Deity of Jesus Christ.

This beloved translation has faithfully brought and maintained unity in the Church when followed.

The overwhelming amount of newer translations has introduced division and lack of unity in the Church.

It retains more precise singular and plural pronouns which accurately translates the original text.

These utilize less accurate and sometimes confusing pronouns & do not always reflect original languages.

     The Authorized Version possesses a well loved poetic quality with a beautiful cadence.

Other translations turned out to be less flowing and more choppy, diminishing comfort for the heart.

Makes wise use of words with fewer syllables; this insightful treasure makes for simpler reading.

Incorporating greater syllables with often unusual words, these increase the difficulty level of reading.

Generously quoted in writing, the KJV is faithfully used by Bible-believing people of several generations.

 There is no other single translation consistently and widely used by Christians in several generations.

The KJV has been and still is the number one choice most often used for Scripture memory.

Other translations are more difficult to memorize and are less often, if ever, used for memorizing.

This version is respectfully accepted around the world in Bible-believing churches and homes.

  These may not be recognized as a viable representation of the Word of God.

This is a consistently literal translation which demonstrates reverence for the very Words of God.

More are using a dynamic equivalent or thought-for- though method; thus an interpretation not a translation.

Properly making a distinction between masculine and feminine pronouns, it accurately translates the original.

Some are using gender-neutral pronouns which demonstrates a bias & disrespect for God's Word.

       It is the Word of God in the English language.  With confidence one can say "thus saith the LORD."

Readers are not sure if they have God's very Word or not. People feel the need to always correct them.

When read aloud it sounds reverent and fitting for a majestic Lord. The hearer knows it is God 'speaking'.

When read aloud it sounds casual & common. It is hard to distinguish the speaker's words from God's Words.

This did not use a Roman Catholic textual basis which has been kept guarded by the Vatican (Vaticanus).

They unashamedly use the Roman Catholic text (Vaticanus), not the source to find faith in the Bible.

The traditional texts in the original languages have been preserved by God and have been in use all along.

The textual basis underlying the modern versions is a recent compilation made by man.

God has blessed this Bible. It is the Bible used by the great English speaking evangelists and missionaries.

These versions are made in a God-rejecting era and eagerly accepted by those turning away from the faith.

This notable translation was done by the best educated men who understood their high calling and noble work.

These texts were introduced by liberal men steeped in rationalism, perhaps involved in anti-Christian activities.

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God; one's faith is increased when reading the KJV.

Doubt & confusion are fostered because there are so many versions and always new updates to existing ones.

The KJV incorporates the wonderful efforts of William Tyndale. He was burned at the stake for his Bible work.

Great profit is continually being made from all the newer translations. Ministry has lost out to money.

Reformation era Christians such as Martin Luther used the same textual basis as does the KJV.

The sacred text which the Reformation era Christians received has been jettisoned in the newer translations.

God's Providence had the world's major languages translated from the same Reformation era textual base.

The Sovereignty of God is no longer relied upon as in previous generations; now man's decisions are supreme.

The KJV does not change and remains the same for each successive generation.

Newer versions are constantly being revised or updated causing a Biblical generation gap to be created.

Grandma used the KJV.  Many testify they had a praying grandmother who trusted her KJV.

For perhaps the first time in history, now is a generation who will not follow by using the Bible of their elders.

  Cherished phrases such as "Let there be light" and       "Let not your heart be troubled" are found here.

These have made no lasting imprint of any importance upon the English speaking people.

The KJV has all the verses in the Bible and not even one of them is missing.

Most newer versions have hacked at the Bible so much that many words, verses & passages are entirely gone.

We should expect the Devil to attack the true Word of God; this is precisely what we find going on to the KJV.

We should expect the world to accept a book which is not true. We find the world loves the newer versions.


The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever. Isaiah 40:8

Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away. Luke 21:33


James Utter  2/2012


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